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Monstera Karstenianum variegata / Monstera Peru variegata
Monstera Karstenianum variegata / Monstera Peru variegata
Monstera Karstenianum variegata / Monstera Peru variegata
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Monstera Karstenianum variegata / Monstera Peru variegata #1

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The Monstera originates from Mexico, but is now also native to North America, Asia, Australia and the Mediterranean. It belongs to the family of Araceae. The rare Monstera karstenianum (Peru) variegata impresses with the special structure of its leaves, which appear almost reptilian. The crowning glory is its cream to light green variegation, which draws different patterns on the leaves.


The rare Monstera karstenianum grows particularly healthy and large if you provide it with a climbing pole. Suitable for this purpose are homemade climbing aids made of sphagnum moss or commercially available vine sticks for climbing plants. This rare houseplant is comfortable in bright, indirect light and a loose substrate. One of its biggest enemies is waterlogging. Therefore, it is recommended to let the first layers of the substrate dry out before you start watering again. This can be super checked by sticking your finger in the soil and briefly checking how moist it is. Only when the first few inches are dry is the Monstera ready for more water. In the end, how often you really need to water depends a lot on the environment. So from light, humidity, the size of the plant and that of the pot.

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